When you’re dealing with debilitating orthopaedic issues you need to consult with a true North Queenslander who provides expert advice and helpful solutions for your condition

Meet North Queensland’s Dr. David Shepherd

David Shepherd is the Director of Cairns’ much renowned OrthoShep, a private Orthopaedic practice conveniently located in the Cairns hospital precincts. Since 1993, David and his professional team at OrthoShep have helped many patients with their orthopaedic concerns. David Shepherd, being a General Orthopaedic surgeon will provide treatment in all orthopaedic disciplines, including ankles.

Dr David Shepherd, born in the Tablelands, educated in Cairns, trained in medicine and advanced Orthopaedics in Brisbane, has over the ensuing years, since returning to Cairns, has provided real solutions for all of his orthopaedic patients.

It’s a professional standard that has been acquired over many years of specialist training

Further training over the years, including 12 months in London has culminated in David taking on the most important role of Director of Orthopaedics at the Cairns hospital. This was a 5-year tenure.

Covering all aspects of orthopaedic treatments and surgery along with a keen interest in assisting patients with knee and shoulder Arthroscopies, David has been known to have worked tirelessly, to allow all of his patients to return to their normal healthy lifestyles.

OrthoShep provides treatments to all North Queensland patients, covering all fields of orthopaedic treatments.

For your added convenience, all surgery is performed at the Cairns Private Hospital.


We fully endorses an exercise regime for bone health

When you engage in regular physical activity you will build healthy bones. With aging, bones can become very weak and fragile and regular exercise, which can be at a home with a personal trainer, at a gym or even with your preferred physiotherapist is important for building strong bones and it is essential for maintaining bone strength.

How can OrthoShep help?

Being a general orthopaedic specialist and surgeon we will address all your concerns whilst offering a detailed examination of the problems you are having. We will display a caring and sensitive approach to assess and/or diagnose your condition. Your concerns become our primary focus.

When surgery is needed

Working with the professional theatre team at the Cairns Private Hospital we are able to carry out all surgical procedures effectively. The ward is staffed by experienced and qualified nurses who provide a quality care thanks to their extensive orthopaedic experience. The unit is supported by a multidisciplinary team, including physio and occupational therapists.

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