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OrthoShep is our private Orthopaedic Clinic operating In Cairns and we provide qualified Orthopaedic advice, surgery and assistance to all our patients

Information for referring practitioners

As a referring doctor you will have the added peace of mind understanding that when you refer your patient to our practice, we will treat them precisely and factually…thoroughly covering all areas of:

  • Knee arthroscopy
  • Shoulder arthroscopy
  • Meniscal tears
  • Osteoarthritis
  • ACL and PCL reconstruction
  • Acromioplasty +/- tendon repair
  • Labral repair/stabilisation
  • Joint Replacement Hip, Knee and Shoulder

When referring your patients to me, if any preliminary investigations have been performed then please let me know as I have on-line access to all Radiology providers. This is designed to minimise any inconveniences to the patient and to speed up the processes. The patient may be prefer to have any investigations performed after my consultation. Ultimately it is whatever comforts the patient.

Lawyers & Insurance

We specialise in providing these orthopaedic, specialised examinations, consultations and other services to assist yourselves and your clients.

We provide a wide range of reports for matters such as personal injury, Work Cover claims, employment issues, Department of Veteran Affairs, Pensions, Department of Defence Recruiting.

We will require a letter setting out information required. We will also require an outline the circumstances of the case or situation. A numbered list of specific questions is helpful. If an assessment is required against a specific criterion (for example AMA Guides), please outline this.

We ask you to contact us regarding fees and payment for reports. This varies depending on the report required. We will forward all assessments/reports to your office after our fees are covered.

Our orthopaedic practice fully endorses an exercise regime for bone health

Most people are familiar with many of the benefits of exercise, such as reducing the risk for heart disease and stroke and preventing obesity. Perhaps not as well understood is the importance of regular physical activity in building and maintaining healthy bones.

With aging, bones can become very weak and fragile and regular exercise, which can be at a home with a personal trainer, at a gym or even with your preferred physiotherapist is important for building strong bones and it is essential for maintaining bone strength when we are older.

Exercise works on bones much like it works on muscles — by making them stronger. Because bone is a living tissue, it changes in response to the forces placed upon it. When you exercise regularly, your bone adapts by building more cells and becoming more dense.

Another benefit of exercise is that it improves balance and coordination. This becomes especially important as we get older because it helps to prevent falls and the broken bones that may result.

Information for all our referred patients. We have also provided a list of specific recommendations based on the area needing attention

As a patient we fully appreciate that your visit to our practice may be stressful. Our consultation with you will conducted in caring and considerate manner. We all want you to feel as comfortable as possible during the consultation.

During the examination I may ask you to expose the relevant area of trouble to examine it properly. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing.

We have included a check list covering items of clothing. This list helps you appreciate how our investigations of your concerns will be carried out as simply and conveniently as possible.

For detailed information we invite you to download our checklist of procedures and suitable clothing… CLICK HERE


Who is David Shepherd?

David Shepherd, born, educated and trained in Queensland, is the Director of Cairns’ much renowned OrthoShep, a private practice located in the Cairns hospital precincts. Since 1993, David and his professional team have helped many patients with their orthopaedic concerns.

How can OrthoShep help?

Being a general orthopaedic specialist and surgeon we will address all your concerns whilst offering a detailed examination of the problems you are having. We will display a caring and sensitive approach to assess and/or diagnose your condition. Your concerns become our primary focus.

When surgery is needed

Working with the professional theatre team at the Cairns Private Hospital we are able to carry out all surgical procedures effectively. The ward is staffed by experienced and qualified nurses who provide a quality care thanks to their extensive orthopaedic experience. The unit is supported by a multidisciplinary team, including physio and occupational therapists.

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